December 6, 2010

Students create new video project

Our school, like every other, has a huge problem with bullying. Because of this I wanted to feel like I was making a difference. Here's what I decided to do:

1. My class's Expository/Persuasive unit would be a problem based learning (PBL) unit on bullying. We fully define the problem, research it, and then attempt to find a solution to it.

2. As if my first endeavor wasn't enough, I quickly saw that the students were not connecting to the issue. Therefore, a new approach was needed. Our school had an assembly for 6th graders (my students' grade level) about bullying. It focused mostly on a video about bullying and its effects on students. However, while the shock value at the time was powerful, it wasn't lasting. Solution? We are creating our own video project. Not only that, but I managed to manipulate my students into coming up with it.

The project is turning out great. It's difficult, for them and me, but this is such a rewarding process. I look forward to reporting on how the final version turns out.

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