November 18, 2010

The solution to bullying is staring us in the face - but it's not ours to implement

I am currently teaching a research unit on bullying in my 6th grade English classes. Much like Socrates would have liked we are discussing it endlessly with a wide variety of research, looking for a solution.

Yesterday I had that epiphany. Schools are already saying that bullying will not be tolerated. But, what we need is a paradigm shift where the students no longer tolerate it. But, it has to be to the point that when it happens ANY students who see it, hear it, sense it, whatever, immediately take action to prevent it or stop it.

We have to get the students to change their culture to one that does not tolerate bullying. One where they take a united stand against intimidation and scare tactics, where they see the outsider and they bring them in just because they know they should and not because the adults said to.

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