June 5, 2013

Teaching English through Entrepreneurial Practice

I had one of my flashes of seeming insight this morning and wanted to share it with the world. What if we ran an English class as an entrepreneurial think tank? Here's what I'm thinking...

The students would develop a product or service that they believe the world needs. It could even be a clear improvement on an already existing product or service.

They would then need to create a product/service description - informational writing.
They would need to convey why this product/service would either be necessary or wanted in the market - persuasive writing.
They would need to learn the legal requirements or ramifications of making this product/service available - research.
They would need to find out why it has not been offered in the past - counter arguments.
They would need to show the community/investors/buyers how the product/service fits into peoples' lives - narrative.

It feels as though I could go on and on. Should we be supporting this entrepreneurial spirit? Couldn't these ideals serve in all manners of lives, jobs, and interests?

What do you think?

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