October 8, 2012

I failed, but it's not the end

Last week I did something that I honestly hate myself a little for doing - I yelled at my students. But, that's not quite it. I placed my students in an unreasonable situation with unreasonable expectations. Then, when they failed to meet them, I got angry.

I am not proud, but I am reflective. After taking the weekend to think about what happened I realized that I was the one out of line. I realized that I genuinely and honestly needed to apologize. I realized that I should not send the emails out that I had threatened to send.

Today I apologized. I made no excuses, but rather admitted to my humanity and to my mistakes. The students seemed receptive. It doesn't take back what happened, but it does show them that I care more about them than just being right.

Teachers can't always say or do the right things. But, we can be humble and vulnerable, a lesson that needs to be taught by example.

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