August 5, 2012

A New Source for Funding

Most of my posts on this blog have a lot to do with my English classes, but I'm also a drama teacher. This year I am actually teaching more periods of drama than I am of English for the first time. It is an exciting opportunity, but it is also going to provide its own challenges.

With another section of drama, I am going to be producing shows for three classes. In addition, I've decided to open our winter show's auditions to be school wide. We are planning on producing the school version of Grease. The show can and will be amazing, but just paying for the rights and choral book rentals to do four showings will cost us $1200.

Therefore, I'm moving into uncharted territory in fundraising, I'm trying to at least partially fund the show through

It is a bit out of the ordinary for a school to fundraise this way, but these are out of the ordinary times. The project will launch on Monday - I will update the blog with a link - and we will hopefully meet our goal.

Having to turn to this approach really does say something about the times we are living in. However, not all of those things are bad.

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