April 23, 2012

Testing? The students or me?

It's that season again and I think it would feel more weird to ignore it and not say anything.

My students are "gearing up" for testing. Some have asked me why we haven't covered testing skills in my class. Others have appreciated it. One of my students went far enough to write a blog about how she hopes that she does well and remembers everything, but also doesn't appreciate the presure some of her teachers are putting on her to score well.

Responding to my students who believed that they needed test prep. - we have been prepping, but for much more. We've worked on thinking and learning skills that go so far beyond standardized testing that if you do your best you won't just score well, you will destroy it.

Testing is unfortunately a part of our lives, for now. But, I see a future that can no longer accept the short sighted limitations and faulty goals of testing. I just hope that we get past it before the damage is permanent.

But, I will continue to do my best, which is to enable my students to do their best.

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