March 7, 2011

Autonomy is a success!

Book reports! Sometimes I wonder if they still have a place in the English classroom. However, staying with my focus of pushing more of the expectations and burdens of education onto my students I created a wonderfully engaging way for students to create book reports - THEY CREATE THE CONCEPT AND PROJECT THEMSELVES.

The process was mildly arduous - they had to fill out a proposal form - hard copy the first time, but digital from here on out. Once I approved of their project I gave them the green light I inputed the details into my online classroom. I did this for couple reasons

1. I can keep track of what project they did
2. I can keep track of what book they read
3. I can keep track of who they worked with.

The students turned in book reports that were better, on average, than anything that I ever received through my traditional method of assigning the specific project and its expectations. Also, students differentiated themselves - they created goals that they knew they could achieve, whether they far exceeded those of other students, or were lower as necessary. It removed the limitations that I imposed previously and had them reaching for new heights.

Examples of student projects:

1. A parody movie of the book
2. A puppet show
3. A poster project or collage
4. A Prezi
5. Board game
6. Mobile (hanger with string, etc.)

I will try to update with some pictures later.

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