October 22, 2010

Paradoxically Teaching Drama

My drama class is a paradox!  Teaching through experience has been proven to be an effective method of teaching (more information here).  However, I am teaching 6th grade drama, which means that my students need a baseline of knowledge before I can throw them in.  However, I have only a limited time to get a show off the ground, if I want to produce one, which I do.  It is hard for me to engage myself in teaching a drama class, at any level, without some sort of proof that the students really worked for something.

Baseline knowledge.  Experience can play a role in building that knowledge, but it has to be done meticulously.  Currently, I am trying out a new system where I will introduce a new concept, we discuss it, and then we incorporate it into our rehearsals.  I AM LOVING IT!!!  It makes it so I don't have to plan separated activities beyond the rehearsals, but they still practice the skill.

Being a drama teacher is tough.  We have to produce, but we still have to learn (even me).  So, I am taking it one lesson at a time, and making sure that my shows are entertaining to the crowds, and educational to the students.  Yes, I can have my cake and eat it too!

By the way, we are doing the Seussification of Romeo and Juliet by Peter Bloedel.

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